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Lo studio

Our structure, our skills.

Who we are

The studio, founded in 2014, is composed of a team of qualified engineers with differentiated and complementary skills, able to deal with the problems of modern building process management in all work phases and in different contexts of intervention, ranging from the architectural and building design, construction site planning and project management.

How we work

The approach to design and works management is characterized by the attention to formal and architectural details combined with the ability to solve the most complex problems, with the target to provide an high quality building product, according to a continuous updating of skills.

What we do

01 /

Design —

  • Architectural and administrative preliminar design of buildings and infrastructures;

  • Structural and architectural buildable designs;

02 /

Process —

  • Construction management;

  • Yard accounting;

  • Safety supervision (Italian regulation D.Lgs 81/2008);

03 /

Services —

  • Feasibility studies;

  • Economical and financial analysis and evaluations;

  • Management of private tenders;